Foosh: Dead-simple food ordering



Nowadays, Online/Mobile food ordering is as easy as getting in and out of the Department of Motor Vehicles – just so we are on the same page.

How it works now?

You open the app (GrubHubSeamless, etc…), and you will see 9+ different types of cuisines (Of which you comprehend just a couple of items). Then you are presented with a never-ending list of restaurants.

Moreover, you click on a restaurant for no specific reason, and repeat this a dozen times before you find the best one with the best reviews. Finally, you end up choosing one (Probably based on the logo or name, and do not try to convince me otherwise).

Then, you will see the menu with 245 dishes to choose from – of which you will probably recognize 20%. You scroll through all the unfathomably oddly named items and then you find something that appeals to you; “Burgers” or “Pizzas.” Tadaaaa!

Alternatively, you may decide to take the adventurous course and select a new plate. Next, you will surreptitiously google it or ask the drunken dude next to you whether it tastes good or not. Ultimately, you end up ordering the burger or the pizza anyway.

In the end, you pay and slip into hibernation until the food arrives.

Too bad you’ll have to get 20 more credits to graduate with a degree! Seriously? Food ordering should be much simpler than that! What’s worse is that you see those apps saying “Food ordering just a click away”. NO, it’s not! It’s NOT! It’s more like, “Food ordering, 136 clicks away.”

What you experience is that you open the app to get a specific dish and you end up swimming through the murky waters of endless food choices that you do not like. Along with it comes every option you will never choose and by that time, you are prepared to eat anything that moves insofar as a state of primal starvation has set in.

So, the entire point of Foosh is to make food ordering much simpler for your hungry stomach, your weak fingers, and your exhausted mind (That’s at least how I feel when hungry!) By limiting the choices and delivering what you want, it is truly just a two-click ordering experience.


When you open the app, you will sign up very quickly with only basic questions (You should not be asked if you are male, female, or other, or your age, grandmother’s sexual preference, foot size, any pending litigation, or panties color).

Then you will setup your payment method once and for all (I would suggest adding card scan, integrating Apple Pay or PayPal, whatever seems fast and reliable to the customer in the region you are targeting).

foosh home

The concept is simplistic, like me.

Think of it as Speed Dialing for food ordering. You will see 4 to 5 main menus that cover the all-important major food groups: Pizza, Burgers, Salads, Sushi, and Burritos. We can also enable the user to add other kinds of food he or she likes.

You can move from menu to menu by swiping right or left (not Tinder, relax). What you will get on each page is a simple 2-choice option.

Example (Shown in the picture above):

Burger: 1) Cheese burger  2) Double Cheese Burger

Pizza: 1) Vegetarian  2) Peperoni

Salad: 1) Boring (Normal)  2) Less Boring (Caesar)

foosh order

Here comes the kicker – The order page:

When you want to order, Foosh will automatically choose the nearest top-rated restaurant for you. There are two options here: 1) Let the user choose which restaurant he or she, or other, wants to order from (Which will consume 30 to 60 seconds). 2) The Narcissistic totalitarian dictatorship version: Choose the best and nearest one without giving the option to change restaurant, which comes back to limiting options for a quickly expedited experience. Lastly, the user simply adjusts quantity, and hits done – BAM! Good eats are on the way.

foosh settings

Settings: The average settings menu to adjust payment methods, location, password, or to add new categories, or apply some filters.

How do you get the restaurants database and establish delivery orders with those restaurants? How do you make money?

Don’t worry, it’s dead simple! We’ll use API to do everything from finding restaurants to placing the order and processing payments, as well as giving you part of the cut (Which is usually 0.75$ to 1$ per order).

Wait, where did I see this design before?

If you feel the design is familiar, that because it is purely based on Paper, the Facebook app. Which, by the way, has all the amazing animations available for you to integrate into your next app (or maybe Foosh)? Find the public library here.

Wait, where did I hear this idea before?

The entire app idea came from Push For Pizza, which is an app that lets you order pizza with a couple of clicks. I just wanted to take it one step further, with a better design experience and a few more options that will enrich the experience without making it a mess.

Have a laugh:


DISCLAIMER: Feel free to steal or share this idea and make sure to reach out for any help (I can also provide the PSDs done so far). I hope someone has enough time to build it as it has unlimited potential. I am a non-attorney spokesperson, and I approve this message ^^.