Facebook Events: Do stuff


Facebook events app banner by Jihad kawas

So I haven’t been posting on this blog lately, but just yesterday, while I was browsing facebook, I mistakingly came across some really cool events my friends were attending (It appeared somewhere in my feed). I then started browsing other facebook events, and tried to act as if I was on eventbrite. However, facebook seemed to care the most about events that you got invited to by friends, with a neglectful focus on event discovery.

Aside from that, searching for events on facebook is a pain in the neck, it’s not well streamlined, and it almost is basic keywords search (No obvious date filters, clear categorized search, etc…).

Facebook has one of the largest events databases on the internet, and I believe that restricting it to a hidden tab on the facebook homepage is a crime.

So today morning, I sketched a basic app concept for Facebook Events, an app that turns facebook into the best event discovery app.


Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 3.27.34 PM copy

The icon is a simplistic one, inspired by facebook’s “groups” app palette.



This is the page where most of the usage happens.

  1. It allows users to search events by categories (Which could be more than the 9 categories in the example above).
  2. It showcases hot events nearby (Level of **hotness** is measured by number of attendees + friend attendees + date)
  3. It allows users to search by keywords and filter results by categories and dates.
  4. And of course a “create” button for people who get excited and decide to launch an event



When people enter their search information (or press a category or an event), they’re taken to the screen above, which allows them to save the even, attend, or simply skip it. It shows date, time, location, friends attending, brief description, and a featured picture of the event (Visual is better). It could also be used to swipe events left and right, like a tinder interface.

Map (Around me)


Browse events around you! (Should have a search/filter button to allow users to filter events by date, keywords, price, friends going, etc…)


My events

My events

And finally, my events, a list of the event you’re attending. (Should include a buttons to access favorited events too)


Basic-vanilla settings screen

That was a quick post on how I would improve facebook events. If you work at facebook, please steal it and build it at one of your hackathons. Alternatively, if anyone is interested in messing with the facebook API and build this app, I can send the .psd source files.

Peace out